Engagment Shoot At Buttler Park with Yesy&Marco / by brandon burkhardt

   Never mix business with pleasure? I have worked with this Bride for over 2 years in another professional role and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her and her fiancé. Mix away my friends, mix away! That said, I try not to pressure my personal relationships into any photography conversation. They are my friends on Facebook and Instagram, etc... they know VERY well I am a photographer. So, when Yesy saw another shoot I did for another co-worker, I was blessed she decided to work with me for her engagement!

This was JUST after the couple got there. I was still playing with try the flash in this scenario. I finaly decided to just go with what I know and took the silhouette image with the sun starburst.    

   We started our shoot at 7:00am to hit up golden hour at Butler Park. This was actually the first time I asked a client (or myself) to get going for a shoot this early. OH, there is a reason for it. The lighting is PERFECT. For this small window of time during the day, you get to capture images with a clear, even , warm light that makes everything look stunning. Even when you shoot straight into the sun, you get beautiful images!

   Well, the couple was running a little late (ALWAYS expected, especially at this time of day)! And I tried like heck to find some coffee shop that was open on Saturday morning before 7:00am. I was floored that NOTHING was open! Tried all the places south of the river near or just off Barton Springs road that I know about... NOTHING... I could have gone to Starbucks just over the river.. but eh... trying to keep it weird! As I could not find any coffee, I thought I would see about taking some shots in early light.

This was very shortly after the sun came up. You can see why this time is just so awesome. Warm, even, soft light. Just Beautiful!

   I was on top of the Doug Sam Hill Path when they arrived. And we jumped right in to it. As my first time shooting here, I tried to get a whole lot of shots from on top the little hills with a view. We got quite a few good ones, but trying to shoot the skyline and the couple backlit by the rising son was not happening. Not the way I WANTED it to happen anyway. Either way, the first 15 - 20 minutes of any shoot is both me and the clients really warming up to each other and getting comfortable giving and receiving instructions.

I think this is what they were going for.

(I'll admit a mistake here in stead of fixing it and reposting)  I should have got rid of all the posts and light poles in the background. They are super distracting. 

   They tried like heck to get me to see a vision of an image they wanted to do. Think man trying to run away and being held back by the bride. At least that is way they way I was understanding their request. We got one image out of it... and they couple loved it. So apparently I did something right?!? After that... we explored! I love Butler Park for that reason. Because it has so many angles, views, settings and abundance of scenery!

   We headed down the hill towards the pond & fountain. I was exploring at this point as it was my first time shooting portraits in this area... here was the results!

I love this image. The pond here is always perfectly flat because there is a concrete divider between it and the fountain. I really need to get a longer lens for the next time I shoot here so we can get a lot closer in and see more detail.

This was at 70mm on a full frame. 200mm would be SOOOOooooo nice! 

Love their expressions here! But seriously they made it so easy to work with. They obviously enjoy each others company!

Fun fact ... can you figure out the MAJOR thing I photoshoped here?

Yesy knows how to strike a pose!

Marco supporting his future bride! =-)

Marco, not so much with the posing, but he was all smiles and fun the whole time. Love this look anyway. Poses are not always the way to go!

As we walked around to the willow tree...  There are a series of small 'hills' of grass. I wasn't exactly sure what to do with the scenery, so I just said.. STAND UP THERE... and I'll lay way down here... Made for a great shot!

Here are few more couples shots a bit more close up...

When we were all done at the park... we decided to head over to the Austin Graffiti Park. (aka - Hope Outdoor Gallery. Google either one) 

I love what the bride called this image on Facebook. "Fierce". I can go with that title!

I was going for putting the bride on the pedestal. The place all our brides deserve to be. I'm 88.267% happy with the way it turned out. I really needed a longer lens for more bokeh and a hire vantage point for a more interesting angle. As it was, I'm standing on a 6 inch wide cement wall 10' or so feet up. I took what I could get... safely.

One of my favorite images from the shoot. Yesy knows how to pose and is a wonderful model. Never mind that she has an excellent fashion sense!

And that's the final image of the shoot. I think this literally was the last shot we took. At this point, the sun was baking us. I was in shorts and a tee. But as you can see, Yesy and Marco were in less forgiving attire for the weather.