Light & Angles / by brandon burkhardt

This Friday and Saturday I've been wondering around a high school here in San Antonio for the state championship FIRST Robotics tournament. I have been following Logan around the whole school where ever he roams to.  This school had some amazing architecture to capture.  Nothing grandiose, but the morning light, the angles of the shadows and the varity of facade materials made it a very interesting place to get some  images.  

The facade materials included brick walls extending sever hundred feet uninterrupted for some excellent demonstrations of perspective and playing with the horizon lines. Other areas had interesting window shades that added to the images when viewed at the right angles. There was also a whole lot of the traditional Texas stone walls about. But, my favorite part was all the angles and shapes to be found. Some were made by the structure itself. Others made by the light. Still there were many made by the combination of each. 

Below are all the images. I chose to go with black and white for all of them because I feel like it helps you focus on and see the light, angles and shapes.