Joy in Innocence / by brandon burkhardt

About a year ago I met this sweet family. I spent 15 minutes with them doing photos for mommy's employer, Heartsong Music. We have such a fun time together with the whole family in our short time together. 


To say that Fiona is completely engaging and full of joy in an understatement. And let me tell you, I have my own little one that is about the same age. I have a barometer by which to judge! Come to think of it, they would be seriously good friends with the energy levels Fiona and Logan have. Probably a benefit for mom and dad because they would wear each other out! (yeah right... a parent can dream!)

During the photo shoot we did at Heartsong,  Fiona didn't stop playing, smiling or enjoying herself for even a second. These two with her playing with the scarves were my absolutle favorite!

A few months ago I got word that this sweetest, happiest little baby girl I've met was diagnosed with Leukemia.  That's all I know about the family or Fiona's medical situation because, frankly, they are acquaintances at best. But from what I know about this family, they are filled with nothing but hope and joy. 

When I heard about Fiona I immediately new I had to do some family portraits for them because pictures are not just worth a thousand words. Pictures are full of emotion, energy, memories and history. So I asked mom and dad to tell me a time and a place and we went and did a session! 

Now, if you have ever done a photo session with children, you know there is ONE individual who runs the shoot. THE CHILD! We are on their time. We are exploring their experience and we are following them wherever they want to go. That is, if you want smiles... 

Fiona was a great leader for this session! I'll let her do the rest of the talking: 

We had an amazing time following Fiona around and let me tell you we did not pose her once! She made all of this happen. Near the end Fi was getting a bit tired so while she was still happy we called it quits while everyone was still happy and having fun!

All my prayers and blessing to this awesome family!