How to Selectively Change Color In a Portrait Photograph / by brandon burkhardt

Hey everyone. Incase some of you are not just clients, but also photographers, or folks learning photoshop along with me, here is a tutorial I did on how to change the color on a specific part of an image. Just below see the before and after of the color change in question. 

As you can see, the issue was not wanting to paint every dot individual... on 34 images.  So I had to find a way to stream line it and hopefully change them all at once! In stead of painting 20+ dots 34 times... i only had to do this one thing 34 times... and really... it was quite quick. After the first 5 or so edits, I also realized, I could (read SHOULD) put in the same color settings for the hue, saturation and lightness in the colorize panel. Here is the tutorial video:

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