Cake Bash Portrait Photography Session Behind the Scenes / by brandon burkhardt

This fathers day 2016, I did a cake bash 1 year old baby portrait session. You can check out that blog post here.  This post is dedicated to some behind the scenes information about the set up and equipment. Here are some of the images I took just getting set up to test out the lighting. 

The first shot was testing where I was at form my go to "starter settings" when indoors. 

  • Almost always in manual, shooting in RAW of course and with both a CF card & SD card in my Canon 5D Mark III. More another time on how I use the CF card & SD Card as back up and 'transport' for my images respectively.  
  • I usually start the flashes at 128th power and go up from there. In this senario, I have the two backdrop flashes in group A on my wireless release, and my main light for the subject is in group B. 
  • • Aperture at 2.8 • Shutter Speed at 200 • ISO of 200 •

You can see where it started me... once I got the image on the right, I played around a bit more to make sure I had room to play with the on camera settings and also adjusted the light stands to get a more even lighting situation on the back drop. Then I was ready to shoot. 

Here are a few of my favorites from the session:

After the shoot, when I had started to break down already, i remembered to take a quick video of the space to show you. 

Here is 'the whole deal'. Baby, parents and all. Mom had stepped away to put away the cake or something. 

Here is the set up:

The Umbrella flashes were for nothing more then to light the back round. 

The 50" Apollo was placed at about a 45° angle and slight up from the subject to give a small bit of directional lighting but still keep it pretty bright with minimal shadows. With a 50" softball no more then 3-4 fee from this little guy, we had some nice soft light hitting him.  

Last but not least... check this out! The client asked me to change the color of the cake because the dots the baker put on it were baby blue. See my before and after edit here! See how I changed the color hereMOVE THE LITTLE WHITE SLIDER HOVERING OVER THE IMAGE

Squarespace user? Here is your answer about how to do these sliders! And this!

Thanks so much for reading this far... you know... if you got this far. If your looking for your own family portraits, professional portraits or commercial work please contact me!