Austin Texas Maker Moms & Entrepreneurs - Product Photography / by brandon burkhardt

     My wife has been in the small shop community for a long while now with 3 years experience runing a local & online textile business. She primarily sells T's and at one time made hand made, custom order baby clothing. With that said, her real profession is marketing. She may not admit it sometimes (love you babe!) but she has it in her blood. Now, I dont know what 'type' of marketing you might classify this as, but her skill is in bringing people together. I don't want to say networking because it is cliché.  Everyday 'networking' is a business card swap or a mutually beneficial swap of insert business asset reference(s) here. Name your (thing, service or stuff), I'll do this and you do that and then we dont know each other a week later. 

    No, networking is not what I'm talking about. My beautiful bride is an expert at building relationships. Meaningful business connections which become something each person benefits from in the long run. The sort of thing that supports and creates Entrepreneurs. 

     Enter her flat lay shoot. As she is relaunching her business she wanted to get some great shots of her clothing. Now, I can do this myself all day long. BUT... what makes them fun is having other cute styled things along with your outfit! So, she got together a bunch of local makers and we had an awesome collaborative event everyone benefited from. Together! Best I can tell, everyone is looking forward to doing it again. Next time with some Margaritas!

• Here is the QUICK version of the shoot •

• Here are some images from the shoot • Be sure to click them and see the a nice large image! •

If your really in to punishment... here is the full 40 minute shoot. Watch us play around with these cute creations!