1 Year Old Cake Smash Photography with Angie & Brayden - Austin TX / by brandon burkhardt

I love photographing EVERYTHING, and I have certainly been focusing on on portrait photography and family photography. However, by no intent of my own, I have some how become primarily a child photographer. Here is another awesome example. Here's Brayden!


So... A few weeks back a good friend and previous photography client was generous enough to send me yet another referral.  Angie contacted me about working together and, after a bit of conversation back and forth and waiting to figure out the best date , we settled on a father days shoot at my favorite studio location, Heartsong Music. I frequently rent the space here for everything from portraits to commercial & product photography. It's just and awesome set up. Lots of space and, if needed, ton's of stuff to entertain the kidos. 

I set up like I would of any portrait session (see behind the scenes& as I was almost finished, Angie & her family showed up right on time! THANKS! (actually they were a few minutes early!) Good thing I was too =-P 

Honestly, other then how super nice Angie & Jason were, I really dont know much about them! I wish I could tell you more, but we were really focusing in on the little guy. And, with any toddler age or under session, we are running on THEIR schedule. And thats what we did with Brayden. As with any family session I started started by giving just a few bits of advice. I let them know we work on what Brayden wants to work on! What he wants to do, when he wants to do it and where he wants to do it. I just try to set up or work with the parents in a way to make sure they know "I'm here to work with Brayden, he's not here to work with me". I find this puts everyone at ease and lets us get the little guy (or gals) doing what they normally do. At least what they would normally do in the setting you put them in!

So, with out to much more blah blah from me... here is Mr Brayden who is now officially 1 year old!

(On the whole page, for the most part, you can click on images to enlarge)

This guys eyes... I'm telling you! They are captivating... wait for it! There is more! 

The Whole Family!

GOTTA HAVE THEM DADDY HOLDS! (click on images to enlarge)

The Eyes... i'm telling you! 


Mommy wanted to make sure we got some cute family portraits firs. So we did! Now that we got those special moments... we moved on to focusing on the Brayden. I wasn't going to bring anything, but as I came back in after my last load of gear being put in the car, i thought... just a few more things. 

I figured it I was going to get images of my little guy doing anything, I would want some options. And as I have taken just a few, hundred... thousand, images of my little guy, I grabbed a few of his toys to bring along. 

My guy likes balls... apparently Brayden does too. He loved the football. No the REAL football! The one the rest of the world loves. Just saying!

Look, his eyes... even when they are about as small as it gets in the frame, they POP! That blue is intense!

These ones are for mom and dad really. I love how he's just doing his thing... and... wait.. SQUIRREL! (which in this case is a big camera light stand). No worries, we got him before disaster ensued! 

Then it was time for the outfit change!

I hope mom loves this image as much as I do. The title "Dainty Love" comes to mind. A sort of juxtaposition of patience and anxiousness. Ok, thats about as deep as i've ever got... but I love it.  Mom at the ready looking dainty as ever, not yet grabbing the little guy and allowing him to check out what going on. 


Now, if you have never done a cake smash shoot... everyone expects this! (Thats a random image from google.  On a random note, the few I did see that really dug into the 'cake', the cake was a sizable cup cake. Not a cake. Something I have to remember to share in the future!) The reality of the 3 I have done is something more along the lines of what follows. Lets call it more curiosity, less smash. 


Ok, here is some absolute hilarity. I think these are just the best. Because they are FUNNY!

And the clean up...

And thats that... Accept. This. One. More. Thing...


The other thing to look at is this before and after! The bakery that made the cake for them made the dots a light blue. Angie asked me to change the color. So I did, in ever one of the photos. It was actually a lot of fun to do. I developed some extra quick photoshop skills and learned a few new and quick ways to do this sort of thing! The toughest part was making sure all the photos looked consistent... see more about the same on this post here!