Mariel's Maternity Photography - Butler Park in Austin, TX / by brandon burkhardt

Where to begin? How far back to I go on this one? 

   Ok, I think I should start by first saying thank you to Mariel for her support over the years. She has been my biggest supporter as a photographer over the last decade. Second only to my beautiful bride of course. =-)

   And with that, lets take a quick step back... 10 years back. When I was shooting with the Canon Digital Rebel. I think it was only the second iteration of Canons entry level digital camera body. Mariel was pregnant with her 1st baby girl, Kay. I spent a few hours digging up and re-edditing some of these photos.

   We spend our day driving around many areas on Town Lake / Lady Bird Lake here in Austin, TX. Looking back at all the images I'm floored at how many locations we went to Buford Tower. (map). 

 Please remember there are 10 years of experience missing from these initial photos!

We also went and took some portraits at the Seaholm District (map) in what I'm going to call the 'aviary'. I dont know what the heck this thing is.

After that we took a bunch of photos at a park just east of 35. I can't find the name of the place. Here is the map.  We probably spent most of our time here because it was open and there were lots of angles I thought I knew how to use. 

After that we went to some private property I new of from some real estate experience i had previously. I'll leave the location off because... PRIVATE property.

It's now 10 years after those photos! Mariel & Brian are having a baby girl!  

I was at their wedding as a guest and these two make a beautiful couple, let me tell you. I can only image how cute and sweet their new little one is going to be! We debated where in Austin they wanted to go for a good little bit. I showed her some of my other family portrait work in places like Bull Creek (map),  Blue Whole Park in Georgetown, TX (map) and Hope Out Door Gallery (link) (map). But, as many clients do, we ended up choosing Butler Park. Honestly, its my favorite place for many reasons. You can get stunning shots with an somewhat urban feel and city scares in the back ground, shots with huge open fields and shots with water structures and other gorgeous foregrounds and backgrounds. 

I love starting out at the top of the hill (map) because you get some beautiful city shots. As I always tell my clients, the first 10-15 minutes of any shoot is warm up for both of us and, frankly, the city helps me out a bit. Thank you Austin TX!  

As we were walking away, I had to have them pause and enjoy each other a bit. I love their smiles in the first one and the peace and calm in the one directly above.

We walked a short distance towards the long center for the beautiful green field and the city scape in the background. Brian took the lead naturally... but as you can see, Mariel keeps him close by.

Mariel had some shots she saw on Pinterest she wanted to get. They centered around a big hat. I can confidently say nailed it. And i dont mean meme style where its a complete catastrophe. I think these turned out absolutly gorgeous. 

And some more poses she showed me from Pinterest.

Then she took few minutes to change outfits at this point and we got in with nature!

We were about to head off for some more shots just around the corner about it, but Brian pointed out something about getting their faces making a heart. I wish i could have done what he was looking for, but i just couldn't get the angles just right. Poop! But... with the sun peeking through, we got some great silhouettes! 

and then moved further around the corner..

There were flowers in bloom all around so we took advantage!

I just love these next few shots. Mariel really wanted to capture baby emma's dads love for her and tell the story of who he is. So here is is love displayed and wrapped around his baby girl.

After that we were fixing to leave... buuuutttttt.  

I told Mariel and Brian, I would be remiss if I did not at least mention the body of water 50 yards away that we could take some more images in. They said YES, LETS DO IT. 

So we did...

I had such a good time shooting with Mariel and Brian. They are a lovely couple, and I'm sure they will have an absolutely beautiful daughter. 

Thanks again, you two, for allowing to capture this moment for you!