Root Family Portraits / by brandon burkhardt

What a fun time. This was the first shoot I have done at this location (google maps link). Its Commons Ford Ranch (park info link). Its so very picturesque. From the old barn to a pretty dock on the river, it has the whole gamut of outdoor beauty.  

I arrived about 30-40 minutes before the family did so i had some time to walk trails there I didn't even know existed. There are two or three paths you can take. Ultimately they all lead to the same place... to the dock and back up to the barn. But thats just the one side of property. Lets call that the 'photographic side'. 

There are also trails off the main trail head as well! We did not venture there for this shoot, obviously. However, I can tell you that the trails are beautiful as well. My family and I hiked there a while back. A long while back... i just remembered the pictures we have from that time and realized it must have been at least 5 years.  

Ok... park stuff done! 

I had such a great time with the family here. Their beautiful daughter was the sneaky subject of the shoot. Mom wanted me to get pictures of her for them to print and hang in their home. So, as often I could I asked mom and dad to step out of the way to get a picture of just her. She caught on quickly... 

I still made sure to get pictures of the whole family of course. And a few cute ones of mom and dad as well. 

This heirloom style chair was just left here. Im sure their was another photog around that brought it... but in their absence, I figured it was ok to borrow it?!? Miss Root here is just quite and stunning. 

The whole family off one of the back paths down to the dock. Probably about here.

Ok... here is a fun one. Can you tell the massive amount of Photoshop work I did in this one? I just new the framing of the posts and the covered dock being led to by the narrowing bridge way would be a great shot. BUT OH THE DISTRACTIONS... the original shot looked like this (link opens image in new window). 

This is my rule of thirds photo. Look it up. 

I think this is an obligatory type of shot... especially on a stunning path like this. 

Thanks again Root family. You guys are gorgeous! 

Here are some more of my favorite images from the shoot: