Why do photos ALWAYS look good on the coast? / by brandon burkhardt

Because Willow took the photos there of course =-P


   Every so often we like to go out to California and visit family and friends. Both my bride and I grew up in Santa Cruz and can not think of a more beautiful place to live. One day we may find our selves back in on the stunning central coast. But, for now, we are here in the ATX. 

   When we do go back to California, I regularly take thousands of family photos. Seriously, THOUSANDS. But every few years, we also ask our friend Willow to get some I just CANT get from behind the camera. If your visiting Central/Northern California, look her up. She is worth every single penny and is so much fun to work with!!! 

Our last shoot with her we did at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. This time around we decided to go to the place we did our 10 year wedding vow renewal! Its called Natural Bridges State Park in Santa Cruz, Ca.  My understanding is that the rock formation that obviously gives it its name actually used to have two 'bridges'. However, due to erosion that happens on coast lines, and I imagine the earthquakes in CA, the bridge that attached to the main land is no more. 

Here are many of Willows photos. Look her up if your traveling to CA!

Getting warmed up... this is right at the entrance to the park. I love the golden fields. 

Squishy baby face is the bestest!!!

A re-enactment of years gone by... call it a throw back photos shoot. 

Can you believe that young man next to her is he SON! She's to young looking and how is he growing up so quickly!!!!!! NOOOOOooooooooo!

And Pictures with Daddy as Well!

As you can see... Willow has an AMAZING talent. Look her up if you're ever in her town!