The Yoga Pants Mafia Mamas / by brandon burkhardt

   My BEAUTIFUL bride and ADORABLE son, collectively @littlehollowlogan, are always down for a shoot. Ok, reality is i have to be the one ready to go.  Mrs. BBP always has a bag of clothes in the trunk for us to shoot for her or other Instagram Shops. This time though it was one shirt and we really wanted to showcase it. Even thought we stayed with in about 10 square feet of space... i think we did a good number of shots to really showcase this Yogo Mama's shirt. We couldn't go to far because we had Logan with us... so shooting and keeping an eye on him made it where we couldn't run around to much. Oh yeah.. and there was the river right there, too!

   We were at the low water crossing at BullCreek. We have come near here many times previously. See this shoot, and this shoot... and this shoot. Its a pretty place! We go here regularly. Along with being an excellent place for portrait or family photography, its an wonderful place to hike. There are multiple locations you can enter to hike the creek. Most of them are right where it crosses under Capital of Texas Highway 360. 

     The images are below of course, but if you want to use them for any commercial use, contact me here!