Enjoying the View At Mansfield Dam / by brandon burkhardt

While we were at the Dam watching the water controls flood gates open for the first time in nine years, @littlehollowlogan was ready for a photo shoot. We're trying to back away from dedicated time sinks where we go just to shoot. It's fun... But it's stressful trying to just get out and do a photo shoot with no other family distractions or fun going on. 

This was my awesome wife's idea just to take advantage of the times out together and it was really really fun.  

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Just contemplating m environment.   

We're so happy to have had a baby with these teenagers around. They are such awesome examples for their little brother.  And he loves them so much.  

Guys. Look! I through a rock down the thing! 

Just seconds earlier he was waiving me off and saying No No! to the picture taking.  

Just adorable.  

Here are all the images from the quick shoot: