Whats Right By the Muller Farmers Market? / by brandon burkhardt

   An absolutely STUNNING place (google map) to take photos all around! Really right at the farmers market, and all around. And lots of places near by... Right by where they host the Texas Famers Market at Muller are some stunning large steps leading down to the pond, beautiful willow tress, big open play areas, a large pond for a back ground and a fun fountain in the pond that makes for pretty backgrounds. 

    We where here to take some more shots for the famous @LittleHollowLogan. Which we of course did do. But we wanted to get some personal pictures also. I only have a few personal images because we were there for another purpose, but I love these images so much. We had a good time. Logan was a little cranky because... well... he is a boy now, not a baby. He has definite opinions of what he wants to do at any given moment. 

   He is always adorable, but to get images of him styled or other wise takes a bit more coaxing and me running round to get the right angle as he spins 360° over and over and over again. Its a fun time because this little man ALWAY make you smile. Even at his crankiest moments!

   On a side note about his ability to make you smile... he makes EVERYONE smile. It doesn't matter where we go... when he smiles at skater guys flying buy, grown men that look like they had a bad day... moms that are not having their happiest moment... they instantly have a small when this little one grins at them and gives you the friendliest "HI" with the sweetest wave you have ever seen. 

Im really starting to fall in love with... black and white. I've always loved these two! 

Just a simple sweet moment...

... that was so good it deserved both B&W and color. 

Yeah, this was the same as the first one... ok... these were just FUN SHOTS!