The First Time In 9 Years / by brandon burkhardt

Apparently for the first time since 2007, the flood gates were openend on Mansfield Dam. If you haven't gotten to the pictures yet, this is not to be confused with the overflow / spillway due to actual "flooding".   

Only one of the three (from my visual observation) floodgates was opened in order to prevent an actual flood situation.  The multiple dams upstream have been doing the same which will cause Lake Travis to rise significantly. This is a measure to prevent issues from arising as water levels rise from the influx of water up stream from both contorled sources as well as more rain expected in the future.  (Well, the past now as I write this). 

See the KXAN article here.  

From a lower observation point near the actual power station. 

Took this sticking my camera through the gate to get an unobstructed wide view.  

Normal exposure from the bridge slightly down stream.  

Longer exposure of about 2 seconds. You can really see how the water is moving here! 

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