Tommys Senior Portraits / by brandon burkhardt

Truth is, this is my first "Senior Portraits" session. Ive done many other young people when shooting family portraits. But this was my first dedicated senior portrait session. Tommy was a blast to shoot. Plus his dad was an excellent lighting assistant. He held the diffuser & the reflector for me at all the right angles with out any prompting. 

On one occasion I was about to prompt him on how and where to hold the reflector to get the light on ... and there was the light! I turned around and said dang... you got those angles down well! His response was priceless. "Physics is my bitch" I laughed... them more photos happened.  

One of my favorite shots of the shoot. Really shows what Tommy was like. Chill, happy and relaxed guy, but extraordinarily confident. 

This would be where my 'assistant' claimed to have the laws of physics as his bitch. The light was at about a angle that would take most people a few moments to figure out. He had it nailed in seconds. 

Just had to get an imager with this serene creek in the background.

Here are many of the other shots.