Eve's Bluebonnet Photos / by brandon burkhardt

Evelyn and Family. And such beautiful one at that! I used to work with Evelyn about a year ago and have done other family portraits for them previously.  I was really excited when she called me about doing some BlueBonnet photos this year! The best part was that this little field full of the state flower is literally 30 seconds drive from my house. 

Evelyn can't take a bad photo!

This one usually has a straight face on all the time... but we caught an awesome glimpse of her smile while daddy was making faces. (or something... he was behind me... so I'm assuming here!)

Got love the daddy daughter photos.

This is the same photo as the image of her above, cropped slightly different. Obviously black and white... I just liked the way it looked in B&W. The highlights (bright and/or white areas) are obviously blown out. But I really liked the way it looked with the high contrast. 

We were actually done with photo shoot and were just gabbing waiting for my family to arrive for their bluebonnet photos. This little one enjoyed running around in the grass, trees and rocks.

Evelyn was a bit shy about doing a kiss picture... but her hubby had no reservations. =-)

Here are some more images from the rest of the shoot!