Bluebonnets 2016 / by brandon burkhardt

This year for the first time we finally had an awesome family bluebonnet experience. Well... at the very least, it wasn't an all out catastrophe with everyone yelling at each other at the end because I had to take... one... more... photo!

It may have helped that we promised the boys we would go anywhere they want for dinner after.

Logan was a handful also. He is usually awesome for photos but he needs time to warm up.  We were losing light quickly so we had to entice him with the ball quite a bit. In most of the photos, I have a big brother about inches from my shoulder. 

Um.. Hey Guys... Whats with the camera? Logan was very interesting during this shoot! Part happy, part distracted by his brothers. Part... AHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh. 

And... his cute moment!

Here he was asking for his ball.

I think this was a moment between being ready to get his ball and not being happy he didn't quite have it yet.

WOO HOO... i remembered not to be super sideways and suck in!

My Boys!!!

Damn she's sexy! Thats my bride!

This one made an excellent black and white.

Because love. 

Here are the rest of the images we did: