Wedding Wednesday - First Look (My Favorite Moment) / by brandon burkhardt

Its Wedding Wednesday... Today we take a look at the first look!

First look is, so I have read, a new trend becoming very popular. The big new change that this trend brings is when the bride and groom first see each other on their wedding day. Traditionally, the bride and groom are separated until he sees her walking down the isle. According to the three random sites I googled... there is no real reason for this tradition, though the arranged marriage argument does bring some logic to the equation.

This new trend, I think, brings a whole new dynamic to both the wedding and the wedding photography. I really enjoy it. First off, you can stage the place and the time of this beautiful moment. And don't get the words staged wrong. Staged simply means we controlled the environment around us. The reaction and emotion is as raw and beautiful as it gets. Honestly... THIS is the kiss moment that is just... wow. (assuming they kiss now)

Abe see's his bride for the first time. We get to have friends and family witness this sweet moment. I did choose to have the bridal party there because the background was otherwise a distracting parking lot. In other circumstances, just the bride, groom, photographer and perhaps a select few others would be the only persons around.

Unlike the first kiss or first glance down the isle or moments during the ceremony, during the first look, you have time. Time to embrace, time to pause, time to take in your soon to be life partner.

I'm pretty sure they stood here for about 3 minutes. Just like that.

Of course, I forgot to tell Abe to not touch the top of he back because of the detailed makeup work done to cover a rather large tattoo.

And when the moment is nearing and end, you know, because the whole wedding thing is happening soon... you can grab a few more photos. During this time there is no pressure on the couple to start down the isle. They can just enjoy each other and the thought of  being wed soon. These smiles are just real. Nothing staged about this moment!

That's first look...

Brandon B