Wedding Wednesday - A photographers request / by brandon burkhardt

Dear Bride & Groom,

On reflection of the (relatively few) weddings I have had the enormous blessing to be part of, here are a few things that will help get you many more beautiful images! Also, it will make my job much easier. Here is a 'quick list' of things that can make a world of difference. Quick because I'm not going to get into the minutia of the items below. That will be for a wedding consultation. Your photographer should be able to understand and explain. Honestly, if they are not brining some of this stuff up... you probably need to seek another photographer. So here it is:

I really enjoyed shooting this brides wedding. (folks, I always reference the bride... be honest... we all know who is pulling the most strings here....) And... I was her manager at the time I did this wedding... so I kind of knew her better...

For the person who reads and comments first, I'll do a 50$/1hr portrait shoot if you guess 3 of 5 things wrong with this photo that some planning (as noted in this post) would have fixed!

  • Get Ready
    • Pretty, cute or fun dress hangers (especially for the wedding dress!)
    • Consider the room you are getting ready in. Consider lighting, clutter & space
    • If your doing first look, plan 1.5x (maybe 2x) the time you think your need!
    • Keep in mind the distance/time between you, your fiancé, the venue(s). Even with a second shooter, photographers can only be in so many places at one time.
  • The Ceremony
    • Background items during the ceremony (like giant retractable projector screens)
    • Foreground items during the ceremony (like a microphone stands in front of you. NO)
    • Clear the ceremony area - remove ALL unnecessary objects.
  • Family Portraits
    • These can be a fun family moment or a cacophony of names screamed and people running to find other people. Decide exactly when and where you would like these picture to take place. Then, inform ALL the appropriate family members.
    • Also, find that uncle or nephew... you know the one you are always asking to turn it down a notch. Now, ask him to turn it up a notch. (JUST him though)  Let him be the barker who will summon individuals or groups as necessary!
      • Maybe make him a list for each shot you want. Share it with the photographer.
  • Photographer vs. Videographer
    • Any professional ought to be able to work PROFESSIONALY with each other. But, this is a special conflict of interests in the industry. If you are hiring both, please tell us who has the 'right of way' and then make sure both artists are willing to work with this arrangement. Of course, some studios may offer both... then you ought have nothing to worry about.

Ok, that is all I have for now. I'm sure there will be more in the future. Thanks.