L in the Pool / by brandon burkhardt

I had a LONG day yesterday, from 11:00 to 5:00 or so doing all sorts of activities with mommy and daddy. They dropped off some my old clothes and toys to two different friends of moms. They also gave one of moms friends some clothing. After that we ran a few errands and volunteered for my music school, dropping off flyers for them at a few places around town. Lastly we wend to a cool place call the toybrarry (sp?) where I got some cool new toys mom and dad said would help make me smarter!  

After all that I WAS HOT! So it was POOL TIME! 

... I. Had. Fun. 

I did alot of standing for basically the first time. Stood up a lot and i was very proud of myself. 

Below I am throwing up my DDP! (either you get it or you don't)

After standing a lot i was getting tired. 

Hey, I just noticed dad was taking pictures of me!

I then modeled my serious thinking look. 

Then we made sure the pool was ready for next time.