Portrait Thursday - Family Portraits / by brandon burkhardt

This was from about a year ago. That cute adorable thing is... my wife. The other ridiculously amazing bundle of awesome and smiles is my little man. But you probably saw all his photos in previous Tuesday's. 

This was when he was 6 months old just before Christmas 2014.  We went down to the drawing of "Jeremiah the Innocent" which was made famous when Kurt Cobain wore a shirt with its likeness. (which by the way, I got added to Google Maps after this shoot! =-) )  After that we went to the Austin Graffiti Park for the fun back grounds. The shots at the Graffiti park were a challenge because it was all done on a tripod with a remote shutter release.  It was fun! Though I could have done with out the muddy ground... had to clean off the legs of the tripod.