Photo Fun Friday - Here is some random stuff! / by brandon burkhardt

Going forward, here though shalt find random fun photos. It shall all be about me! Here are some images I took randomly over the last few years that i just enjoy. Info about each image is located on the individual images. Hope you enjoy the power of nature captured here.

This image was taken in Riverplace. I 99.99% Certain it was taken near the overlook on Big View Dr. It was taken with my Canon 7D. There was a light mist out this evening and i think it broke my camera... had to get it repaired there after! If i'm not mistaken this was take facing towards the dam/Lakeway direction. 

A few years back when we had just one day of really good down poor and it was till very overcast I thought i would go out and try for one of these long exposure images. I do not have the necessary gear yet to do that in the bright daylight so i jumped at the chance of the dark cloudy day. I LOVE the silky look you can get with moving water amongst the perfectly shark and still foreground and back ground. 

What ^^^that^^^ photo said. Same water fall. Moved about 20 feet away and took a different vantage point. These are taken at bull creek. Right about exactly here.