Keeping the Creative Juice Flowing / by brandon burkhardt

This picture has nothing to do with the information below... but it made you look didn't it!

Today, this post is really more for me at a later time. Some thing i really want to do soon to challenge my self as well. These just happened to be some links I saw in various social media feeds. Credit is given below in that I have given the links to the full articles so go check them out! I also gave my own feedback on each item that I was particularly drawn to. 

From B&H Photo

  • Exercise 5: Shoot a “Roll of Film”
    • This sounds like the biggest challenge to me. I have never shot film before. Not in any meaningful way. For a very shot time my wife had a film camera i bought for her. Then it was stolen out of our car. Anyway. the idea of 'making it count' really sounds like a BIG challenge!  
  • Exercise 11: Nine Elements
    • This one is interesting to me because it is asking you to really look for the things that 'make' an image and put them all together. Or at least acknowledge them in your surroundings. It does not specifically mention negative space, but it makes me think of that tool. Its something I really need to focus on working with more. 
  • Exercise 13: Two Trips
    • like the idea of walking around looking for the shot before just raising the camera and TAKING the shot. You have to LEAVE the shot there for a little bit. Think on it. Then come back and maybe you will have thought of something even better then when you left. Not to mention the other angle you might have missed!

From 500PX

  • 6. Create a wish list of places you want to visit and challenge yourself
    • This interests me because it challenges me to plan. I don't do plan. I'm a wing it guy. This would be step one in really thinking about making my images and not just 'finding' them.

Read the original articles if you have not yet. They are great reads. Especially the one from B&H. 

Until Next Time - BB