Business Scam / by brandon burkhardt

Info for photographers and other small business.

Bottom line... don't fall for it. When i'm not creating images, I have another job at a giant monster mega bank. (side note... banks are not evil... get over that... half of you're credit unions use the BANKS system to conduct their business. Your banking with us anyways... OK, rant over). At said mega bank, we are cautioned time and time again about fraud conducted over the system deff persons use to be able to conduct their business. I have helped deff persons many many times for legitimate banking business. You know the funny thing, they're normal people! (thats supposed to be a joke). They don't call in and say "please take my money, I'm happy about that fee, how many can you take". No, they have perfectly NORMAL conversations. 

No, having said all this, i could be completely wrong about what you see below. But... i'm very positive this was an attempt to scam me. I'm not the best at electronic communications, so my response may have been to abrupt or rude.  Read below. *Comment... tell me what you think*  Further more, WATCH OUT. Even if I was mistaken and missed out on a great opportunity... THERE ARE SCAMS OUT THERE. Many targeting smaller business in all sorts of weird ways!

PS - this text message was from yesterday. I am going to respond again today and see if they follow up. I'll let you know how it goes in comments.

Edit - I texted the person again today and apologized again if I was mistaken, told them I would love to do their photography and asked if we could meet in Austin somewhere.  No response.