4th Of July 2015 - Fireworks Show / by brandon burkhardt

Fireworks... they're pretty. That is all.  

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Ok, that is not all.... I thought i should say this was taken at the annual fesitval they have in Cedar Park at Elizabeth Melburn park. Its always a GREAT show. The entertainment is awesome leading up to the fireworks as well. We only stuck around to get a good seet and watch the fire works, but I assure you the entertainment is fun!

The last few years we parked where we could get in the car and LEAVE quickly so as to avoid 1 hour of sitting in the car not moving. This year, however, we parked alot closer. It was worth the wait. We got to see the fireworks alot closer... and our youngest got to see them for the first time. 

At first he was a bit freeked out. But after mommy was holding him for a few minutes... he was just in awe and